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Our range includes the best garage door openers on the market today, they offer safe, secure, and reliable operation of your new or existing garage door.

We supply and install roller, sectional and industrial garage door openers as well as electric sliding gate motors.

If you’re in need of a replacement garage door motor, Oracle Garage Doors are specialists in performing all the necessary maintenance and repairs to your existing door to ensure reliable operation and to maintain the manufacturers warranty. This will not be the case if the job isn't performed by an experienced technician.

All of the openers supplied by us come with all the safety standards you’d expect from the leading brands of Garage Door openers, giving you peace of mind that they will continue to operate safely and securely for years to come.

Some Of Our Opener Range:


Merlin Commander Essential MS65MYQ 


Merlin Commander Elite MS105MYQ


Merlin Commander Extreme MS125MYQ


Merlin SilentDrive Essential MR655MYQ





Merlin SilentDrive Elite MR855MYQ


Merlin WeatherDrive MR550EVO


Merlin MYQ Commander Ultimate MJ3800MYQ


Grifco GLD-SDO

Grifco GLD-RDO

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