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Sectional Garage Doors

Also known as a panel-lift door or an overhead door, sectional garage doors are the most popular type of door for Australian homes.

Sectional garage doors are available in a range of different patterns and Colorbond colours to ensure there is a garage door to suit your home.

Standard COLORBOND® Colour Range



At Oracle Garage Doors, we offer the best and most exciting range of sectional garage doors in The Wide Bay – With quality products from all major manufacturers.

Below are some of our products available from our most popular and recommended styles.

Different brands, styles, sizes and automation all play a role in the end cost of a new garage door. So it is important to keep this in mind. We offer free onsite quotes and online estimates to help keep the process a simple and as efficient as possible.


Our range of COLORBOND® sectional garage doors provide ultimate strength and protection, made genuine BlueScope steel. They incorporate a number of leading features to ensure your garage door is not only stylish but safe.



Standard COLORBOND® – Georgian Style



Standard COLORBOND® – Regency Style


Standard COLORBOND® – Cosmopolitan Style


Standard COLORBOND® – Mediterranean Style

Standard COLORBOND® – Settler Style






Common Colorbond® Patterns


A popular choice for many residential homes, this is a textured style with long rectangles and the option of windows along the top row.



For a more classical look, the Regency will complement any modern or federation-style home. It can also include windows along the top row.



The Mediterranean door depicts a slatted timber door with all the durability and strength of steel. It mimics the look of the more traditional narrow 'V Groove' timber door, whilst providing a sleek and stylish alternative.



Give your home a seamless, ultra sleek look with the Cosmopolitan. The Cosmopolitan is defined by its wide steel panelling and intricate timbergrain grooves, creating a minimalistic appearance that is both contemporary and timeless. This design complements a wide range of modern homes. It offers a flawless connection between your garage and your home’s facade.



This design uses wider sections within each panel than the Mediterranean for a unique modern look.


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