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Merlin Commander Extreme MS125MYQ



MYQ COMPATIBLE TECHNOLOGY lets users create schedules, monitor, receive alerts and control the garage door opener away from home.1

SOFT-START AND SOFT-STOP for smooth operation.



QUIET DC MOTOR eliminates noise and vibrations through the ceiling and provide smooth operation.

HEAVY-LIFTING POWER operates doors up to 150 kgs/ 286kg. 3

BATTERY BACKUP ensures access even when the power is out.2



SECURITY+ 2.0® sends a new code with every remote click.

PREMIUM AUTOMATIC SAFETY REVERSE function will allow your garage door to stop and reverse automatically if obstructed going down or stop going up.

TIMER-TO-CLOSE automatically closes the door after a pre-set amount of time.4

IMPROVED TRANSMITTER RANGE has up to 18% better range meaning you can start opening your garage door sooner.5

AUTOMATIC FORCE SENSING monitors and adjusts the force needed to open your garage with each operation.

MANUAL RELEASE CORD allows you to open your garage door whenever needed.



  • 24V DC motor with thermal overload protection

  • Input voltage: 240V AC

  • Rated door area up to 20m²

  • Max door weight: up to 150kg / 286kg (with beams installed)

  • Max peak pulling force: 1200 N

  • C-rail with chain drive

  • 433.92, 433.30, 434.54 MHz AM radio with Chamberlain Security + 2.0 rolling code technology

  • Up to 64 memory registers

  • Courtesy light: Powerful LED Lighting

  • Min headroom required: 30mm



  • Maximum lifting under spring tension = 20kg

  • Suitable for steel and timber spring balanced doors



  • Door opening time: 18 -22 seconds

  • Door closing time: 21 -31 seconds

  • Based on a 2.4m high door



  • Door height: 3.5m

  • Door width: 5.7m

  • Double dwelling

1 Additional purchase of Merlin myQ Gateway and Safety IR Beam accessories required to enable myQ functionality.
2 Additional purchase of Merlin Battery Backup accessory required to enable Battery Backup functionality
3 286 kg door rating is based on having installation of Safety IR Beams.
4 Safety IR Beams must be installed to enable the use of Timer-to-Close. See User Guide for additional information. Smartphone not included.
5 When compared to other available Merlin products.

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